And Here Are Two Situations Where Blocking Bets Should Be Used.

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1. Use Blocking Bets To See Cheap Rivers.

Let’s Say We Play $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em, The Player In The Middle Of The Race Comes $6 Sb, We Call, We Call Followed By 9♦️ T♦️.
Open The Flop A♦️ J♣️ 5♦️ And We Check. Call $12 Is A Continuation Bet From The Same Middle Player Sb Fold And The Turn Can Open 2♠️
If We Know The Person We Fight Well Enough That It’s The Second Race With Multiple Cards. We Can Bet Ourselves So That We Don’t Have To Pay For A Flush With A $42 Pot. We Could Probably Raise $20 Because The Opponent Probably Already Owns Around $30-$35
, Besides Watching The River, Hey, The River Showdown. Has Been Posted If The Opponent Only Calls And His Cards Are Completely Blind I Have A Chance To Squat Easily.

2. Use Blocking Bets To Show Down Cheap.

Another Controversy About Using Blocking Bets Is When We’re Pretty Sure We’re The Strongest. But Still Confused To Pay Expensive To Open The Showdown (Don’t Get Stressed To The Point Of Sniffing Glue)

Alright, Let’s Go Back To The $1/$2 Game A While Back, Everything Was The Same At The Beginning. But This Time We Call Followed By 9♦️ T♦️ At The Big Blind UFABET Position.

This Round The Flop Turns Out To Be T♥️ 8♣️ 5♠️ We Check The Same Player’s Continuous Callback Like Last Time, After Sb Fold, Then Our Opponent Checks 5♦️ At Turn And The Last Card Turned Out To Be 2♠️ 

As Of Now, We Can See That The The Tenth Pair Is Probably The Biggest. But Would You Like To Pay $35 To Show Your Cards? If We Go Small We’ll Show Each Other A Little Cheap And In Case They’ll Fold Them Too (Small Payments Sometimes Seem Like Trying To Squeeze Out As Much Money As Possible).

How To Balance Blockingbet’s Card Range? You Must Understand That Blocking Bets Are Use It With A Very Good Opponent, Difficult (With Ace Too, Very Difficult).

If We Only Use Blocking Bets And Cards Waiting To Be Drawn In Order To Win The Right Items, The People Who Play Well Will Increase Until We Don’t Dare To Follow. Called The Cards, Did Not Win. Plus It’s Free For The First Time.

Therefore, In Order To Fight Them In Such A Way That They Can’t Catch Them, They Can’t Catch Them In Time. We Have To Use Blocking Bet Style With Eyes That Get Big Cards As Well, Like Re-Rest? Re-Rest Back Or Call And Eat Full. This Time, He Won’t Pick Us Up Again.

From The Second Example We Assumed Just Now. This Time, Change The Card In Our Hand To 55 And The Flop Has Arrived.

We Check The Turn Slow Play Deceive But Instead Of Checking At The River We Use Blocking Bets Instead. People Who Know Think That We Are Waiting For Some Cards.

If Good And Good Players Have A Chance To Bluff Us. Ka Presses Us To Squat We Had A Full Meal. It Can Also Be Re-Established.

This Time, I Would Like To End The Blocking Bet Technique.

What Will Be The Next Process? Or What Is It About, Please Watch And See You Soon.