Fulham 0-1 Manchester United: Collected after the Premier League game, the Red Devils narrowly won and grabbed 3 points last night.

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Manchester United returned to victory again by defeating. Fulham 0-1 with a goal late in injury time in the second half.

list:Football English Premier League 2023/24
Race day:Saturday, November 4, 2023
stadium:Craven Cottage
Competition results:Fulham 0-1 Manchester United

Manchester United dropped an orange.

This game is another game in which the Red Devils performed disappointingly. But were able to grab 3 points in hand. It would not be wrong to say that the winning goal in stoppage time was due to luck. But we have to admire. Bruno’s unique ability to lock and dodge two until he was able to open the channel and spin, as well as the diligence of Facundo Pelistri, who chased to the max every moment. But as I said, if the Fulham players had kicked more consciously and not closed their eyes kicked. Until the ball bounced into Manchester United’s way many times and eventually got shot. By now, the game would have ended with points divided.

Sharpness is the measure of competition results.

If anyone has watched the game live, it can be seen that Fulham fought well and were hardly inferior at all, especially in attack from the trio that created the ยูฟ่าเบท game: Willian, Andres Pereira, and Harry Wi. Lason, who took turns dragging and crawling, including having the opportunity to try out several times. But did not do well enough to send the ball into the bottom of the net even though there were many opportunities to measure the distance. Moreover, in the second half, there were times when they folded the field in, forcing Manchester United to defend, but when they had a chance, they couldn’t finish on their own. This is the difference between the two teams that determines the outcome of this game.

Maguire Onana carries the defense.

This is not the first game that both Harry Maguire and Andre Onana, two former jokers who are often the target of Manchester United parodies, have returned to perform well. In this match, both of them played flawlessly. There were no personal mistakes to be seen. There were also many beautiful defensive moments, especially Onana, who today made a beautiful pass, narrowly helping the team keep a clean sheet.

Manchester United’s offensive game is worrisome.

Even though their defense today did a good job keeping score and keeping a clean sheet, the offensive game is still “serious” which is said to be the case because of the way Eric Ten Ha acted. A says it’s “Direct Football”. It looks completely devoid of dimension and terrifying. With knocking and knocking outside the box, the last one was passed. The wingers just stared and shot. Or they dribble and end up losing the ball. Rasmus Hoylund, the expensive striker, seems like he doesn’t have one. Because he hardly got the ball at all throughout the game. Pay out and return after the cycle has passed. There is no stabbing through the channel. There is no ball crossing the defender’s line. Fortunately, the winning goal was partly due to a mistake by the hosts who narrowly saved the day.