Grading Manchester United’s players in the Premier League game, attacking against Fulham 0-1 in injury time: Player Ratings

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The Red Devils shot past Fulham in injury time, winning 3 points from a dropped puck and captain Bruno Fernandes killing in injury time in the second half.

Grading Manchester United's players in the Premier League game, attacking against Fulham 0-1 in injury time: Player Ratings
list:Football English Premier League 2023/24
Race day:Saturday, November 4, 2023
stadium:Craven Cottage
Competition results:Fulham 0-1 Manchester United

Manchester United player ratings

Andre Onana – 7

There was no misstep to be seen. Plus there were several beautiful saves in a row in the second half. Narrowly helped the สมัคร ufabet team not concede a goal.

Diogo Dalot – 6

Stationed as a left-back in this game There is a high chance of adding to the game and there is some chance of looking far, but it still doesn’t hit the target. As for the defensive game, even though they were often attacked, they were still able to survive.

Harry Maguire – 7

Today they still control the defensive game strongly. no errors Even though they were hit hard, overall they handled it well.

Jonny Evans – 7

Paired with Maguire as the starter, they played quite well. There are no serious errors. There were some beautiful clashes to be seen.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6

Come back to be a starter for the team again. The timing of the tackle remains as accurate as ever. But in terms of agility and reading the game, he still needs to recover after returning from injury.

Christian Eriksen – 6

He is the one who releases the ball from the backfield. Today there are some opportunities to hang out. But there aren’t many beautiful moments to see yet.

Scott McTominay – 6

Still being the one waiting to insert things into the penalty area. There was a chance to score in the first half but it was taken back by VAR and then moved down in the second half.

Bruno Fernandes – 7

Waiting to connect the game from the middle to the front. Didn’t get many chances to place the ball. But today he came to get an orange ball and hit it right in front of the penalty area to score the winning goal in injury time.

Anthony – 5

It was another game that wasn’t his day at all. Because throughout the time he was in the field there was hardly any work. He couldn’t pass while dribbling, losing the ball easily until he was substituted early in the second half.

Alejandro Carnacio – 6

Got to play with the ball often on the left side. Goes well with the ball. But today the final moment was still lacking, both shooting and passing.

Rasmus Hoylund – 5

He barely played with the ball throughout the game. You can count the number of times you’ve gotten the ball. Plus, the chance to play with the ball must have been a lot of mistakes from the home team. Didn’t get a chance to shoot at all throughout the game.


Facundo Pelistri (Anthony 63′) – 6

Nothing substantial. But today he was diligent in chasing the ball in the front area until he was involved in the winning goal, where he was the one who kicked the ball back for Bruno to hit.

Anthony Martial (in place of Hojlund, 79′) – 5,

there is some chance of finishing. But he couldn’t open the door for the team.

Mason Mount (in place of Eriksen, 79′) – 5

came to help shape the midfield game. But still can’t do much.

Raphael Varane (replacing Carnacho, 90′) – N/A,

came in to stop the defense late in the game.