Hal Lubarsky, Hi Bod, poker master

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All Kinds Of Blind As We All Know, We Are Usually Not Blind And Have Special Abilities. Either The Blind Killer A Blind Superhero, A Blind Samurai, Or Even A Blind Musician. Of Course, Many As Mentioned Above Can Be Done Even For Visually Impaired People

But What About Poker? Hey, How Can It Be Done, Just A Flat Card, Can It Be Rubbed And Touched And Know The Flower? It’s Not Possible To Go To The Flop, Smell The Turn, Lick The River. Not At All We Get To Know Him Better. And Let’s See How Will He Play

Introducing Hal Lubarsky, The First Blind Poker Player To Win A WSOP Prize.

Hal, Like Any Normal Card-Holder, Was Eager To Make A Living In The Gaojing Way. At 29, He Headed To Vegas. And Spent 15 Years Battling In HORSE (Mixed Texas Omaha Studs, Stud Hi-Lo) Where He Was Battling A Lot Of Veterans (Not Lightly).

But Then The Rhythm Of Life Was Interrupted Because In 2004 He Had A Disease That Caused Loss Of Vision, Speaking Sarcastically, Becomes Blind.

After A Long And Sad Life The Younger Brother Was Harassed And Worried, So He Took The Matter To His Office, Which Was Mirage Casino, And Talked To The Manager.

A Few Weeks Later, The Manager Summoned Hal To Invite Him To Compete In A Charity Tournament. To Raise Money To Help A Staff Member With Cancer

At First The Father Was Mentally Blind And Refused. But The Manager Said That Someone Can Read The UFABET Cards. Therefore It Is Agreed

And After The Race The Manager Said That Hal Is Always Welcome Here And Will Accommodate As Much As Possible.

Hmmm, It Would Feel Good Like A VIP. Shortly Before The 2007 WSOP, Hal Contacted Harrah’s Casino, Where The WSOP Will Be Held, Asking Someone To Read The Cards Along With Them. But Of Course, With The Rule That Players Forbid Anyone Else To Help. Harrah’s Manager Immediately Refused.

But Do You Know What Hal Said Next. He Said He Didn’t Want To Cause Any Problems. But If Suing Them Would Have Made More Money Than The Competition (Sarah Ma), Then He Gave The Example Of A Handicapped Poker Player Whose Mother Came To Show His Cards At The 2005 WSOP.

Having Said This, The Manager Had No Choice But Agreed. It Means That He Competed In The 2007 WSOP, As Well As 2008.

But One Thing That I Forgot To Tell Is That When He First Lost His Eyes, He Started Playing Online Poker With An Unknown Friend Reading His Cards. Until 2008, He Signed A Contract With Fulltilt, Which Supported Him. To The Point Of Finding Special Computers And Programs That Can Read Cards And Read Chat Messages As Well

In The End, If We Don’t Stop There Is A Way What Are We Addicted To Now? Learn And Fight Together

The Invader Will Be With You.