‘Nani’ asked ‘Ronaldo’ to stay at the ghost, received a call to talk but was rejected

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Nani, a former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo when he was still at Manchester United. Hopes the striker will stay to help the Red Devils continue to receive calls to convince him refuse to talk.

ESPN reports that former Manchester United winger Nani and new player Melbourne Victory in the Australian A-League are hopeful Cristiano Ronald. Compatriot soccer star Will not move away from Old Trafford because it can make a difference for the team and accept. Tried to call to persuade, but was refused to talk to .

'Nani' asked 'Ronaldo' to stay at the ghost, received a call to talk but was rejected

The 37-year-old striker wants to leave the Red Devils this summer. After the team failed to qualify for the UEFA Champions League by just wading through the Europa League only by this time. Referred to as a new team to play. As a result, the latest Nani was a teammate of Sporting Lisbon. The Red Devils and the Portuguese national team. Must come out and beg to stay with United

 I hope he stays. he is an important player. And as a player who always makes a difference. I hope he will change his mind and help the club continue. He didn’t answer the phone with anyone. I tried to talk to him. But he said he was very busy right now. We will talk soon. 

For Nani , who joined Red Machine  from Lisbon in 2007. Four years after Ronaldo joined them, the pair won two Premier League titles and one UEFA Champions League title first. Ronaldo is set to leave for Real Madrid, while Nani has opted to extend his career for six more seasons and win two more league titles. 

After that, the News began to form indefinitely. And moved to play with many other clubs, including Fenebahce, Valencia, Lazio, Orlando City and Venezia until joining the team in the Kangaroo League with a two-year contract. This is reported Discussed may have retired from the time Orlando was released from the team last year, but in the end is still confident in his fitness, so he still looks for a UFABET team to play on.