The Bag Manchester United! Ten Hag very impressed by Harry Maguire’s performance

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Harry Maguire, Manchester United’s defender. Returned to show strong form again in the game defeating Fulham 1-0, causing Eric Ten Hag to praise him. This player after the game

The Bag Manchester United! Ten Hag very impressed by Harry Maguire's performance

Manchester United boss Eric ten Hag admits he is very happy to see Harry Maguire’s excellent performance in the latest Premier League game.

The Red Devils lost 2 games in a row at home, putting them under heavy pressure and needing to pick up 3 points over Fulham as the away team. And the fans were not disappointed when Bruno Fernandes scored the winning goal in injury time, helping the ufabet team successfully win back home at Old Trafford.

However, after the game ended, Ten Hag mentioned another important player, Harry Maguire, who showed great form in this game. He stated that

“The defeats in the previous two games made everyone unhappy. Obviously, that’s not the standard we want. We have to improve and react. And I think we’ve seen that reaction. We got a good result and we are happy about it.”

“Harry Maguire has shown outstanding form and leadership qualities. But more than that on the field and that’s what the team is about, the team spirit, they fight every moment. Huddling shoulder to shoulder We have to do this every game. We have seen improvement today and we must continue to do this,” said Ten Hag.