Top 10 starting hands GOOD START IS HALF THE BATTLE

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Texas Poker Is Considered The Most Popular Poker In The World. With Millions Of Hands Played Per Day (Only In The Internet World), But In Addition To The Enormous Amount Of Money Circulating In The System, Pros, Skills, Talents And Goddesses Of Fate. Another Thing That Is Indispensable For Playing Card Poker. Is A Good Hand

But Which One Is Good, How Good Is It? Today We Go To See With The Top 10 Starting Hands.

Top 10 starting hands GOOD START IS HALF THE BATTLE

1. AA (Of Course, This Pair Can’t Be Missed)

Nickname-Nickname: Pocket Rockets (Probably Because Of The Pointy Head Like A Rocket. Or Jump To Get Money 😂), American Airlines (AA), Bullets

Chances Of Winning: 85.1%

Chance Of Getting : 0.45%

Draw Chance : 0.49%

2. KK

This Is The Best Starting Card That Can Be As Good As This Pair.
Nickname-Nickname: Cowboy Wolford, Cowboys, King Kong Or Kangaroos (Whichever Is Pronounced)

Chances Of Winning: 82.4% 

Chance Of Getting : 0.45% As Well

Even The Gay King, Hey, KK Is A Very Strong Trump Card. But The Chance Of Winning Is Less Than AA 2%.


Nickname-Calling: Ladies (Mrs. Lady, S Is Many), Jailhouse Rock, Siegfried And Roy (Magic Partner), 4 Tits (Four Breasts), Flower Girls, Hilton Sisters.

Chances Of Winning: 79.8%

Chance Of Getting : 0.45%

Another Pair Of Iron Lady Cards, But It’s Surprising That Everyone Is Confused That This Girl Often Finds Suit Cards In Her Hands That Commit Abuse. Oh, Stomp Regularly (Is That Word Too Brutal?) Flush Until It Floods And Then Floods Again.

4. JJ
Nicknames/Names: Jay Birds, Hooks, One-Eyed Jacks Or Disabled Veterans.

Chances Of Winning: 77.5%

Chances Of Getting: 0.45% (Seriously, Every Pair Of Cards Has The Same Chance)

The Hook Guide Cards Are A Bit Weak. Is The Tendency To Lose A Lot Of Upper Suits, Such As AKQ That Come Together, The Same Color, The Same Forest, The Same Color, How To Arrange, How To Get A Pair? Jack The Giant Slayer Will Be Killed By A Giant

5. Pair 10,9,8,7 Intermediate Pair Card Association

Chances Of Winning: 74.8-66.2%

The Chances Are The Same As The Previous One.

To Play Well, Play To Win, You Have To Look Carefully, Be Careful, Slowly.

6. AK Suit
Nickname-Calling: Walking Back To Houston, Big Slick In A Suit, Big Slick, Anna Kournikova, Santa Barbara Or A Thai UFABET Name Is A Colored AK Gun.

Chances Of Winning: 66.9%

The Chance Of Getting A Card Is 0.30% Less Than A Normal Pair Of Cards.

But Even Though They’re Both Single But If You Look At The Flop And Get In This Survivor Duo Would Be Quite Terrifying.

A Will Make Your Flush As High As Possible, And AK Will Already Win With High Cards. Or Will There Be A Great Couple?

7. AQ Suit

Nickname-Name: Little Slick, Doyle Brunson (Uncle Doyle Had Written In The Book That Uncle Doesn’t Like This Well, Uncle Doesn’t Play This Card) Or Big Chick (Big Sister).

Chances Of Winning: 66.2%

Chances Of Getting : 0.3%

This Pair Has Many Benefits. You Can Transform Into A Pair, Wear A Suit, Or Line Up. Even If It’s Not As Good As Akasi

8. AJ Suit

Nickname-Called Blackjack, Ajax (Name Of Hero In Greek And Roman Mythology) Thai AJ DVD (Dak Kae) Aja

Chances Of Winning: 65.4%

Chance Of Getting: 0.30%

There Is An A Is The Most Color, But The Cards Are Arranged To The End Is A Bit Difficult. Wait A Bit For The Flop Before Thinking Of Going.

9. AK Assorted Flowers

Nickname-Name: It’s The Same Thing. Aka Is Not The Same Color

Chances Of Winning: 65.4%, Same As Ajae

Chances Of Getting : 0.30%. At This Point, I Would Ask Why The Pair Pi Has A Higher Chance. You Don’t Know Either. Copy Homework To Send 😂😂

Additional Explanation Widowed It’s A High Card, A High Pair, Win In Order To Finish.

10. AQ Assorted Flowers

Nickname-Name: Same

Chances Of Winning: 64.4%

Chance Of Getting: 0.30%