5 Weight Loss Drinks Advised by Japanese Experts

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The key to weight loss is to improve your body’s metabolic rate of energy and fat. Therefore, one of the important aids is a drink that increases the metabolic rate of the UFABET body. Let’s know what drinks are and how to drink to make it good for losing weight.

5 Weight Loss Drinks Advised by Japanese Experts


Coffee contains caffeine that dilates blood vessels. 30 minutes after drinking, the highest amount of caffeine enters the blood. Helps to improve blood circulation good circulation to the liver and kidneys Helps to increase the basic metabolic system.

Drinking coffee half an hour to an hour before your workout can help you lose weight. In order to increase the efficiency of weight loss, you should choose to drink warm coffee. and without sugar

soy milk

Soy milk is rich in good quality protein. When the body receives protein from soy milk into the body will cause the body temperature to increase make good blood circulation Increases the metabolic rate It also helps relieve muscle fatigue. and helps the brain relax as well

Drinking 1 glass of soy milk in the morning will increase the metabolic rate of the body as well.


The carbon dioxide in baking soda expands blood vessels and promotes good blood flow. Stimulates the functioning of the metabolic system and helps the body warm up.

However, if drinking cold soda before eating will make your appetite more Therefore, choose to drink sodas that are sugar-free and at room temperature.

warm water

At night while we sleep The human body loses water through sweat and lowers body temperature. Drinking warm water after waking up warms the internal organs, such as the gastrointestinal tract. Helps the circulatory system improve. When the visceral temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, the body’s metabolic system will work better by 10-12 percent, allowing the body to burn fat more efficiently and make weight loss easier.

warm milk

Milk is rich in the amino acid tryptophan. A precursor to melatonin, the hormone that helps people sleep soundly. If you drink warm milk before going to bed, it will make you fall asleep and sleep deeply. Makes the body release growth hormone well In addition, this hormone will help the metabolic system work better. resulting in a better breakdown of fat in the body Drinking regular milk, rich in the amino acid tryptophan, is more effective for sound sleep than skim milk.

It is common practice to lose weight and have a slim body, it takes time and patience. But when intending to lose weight for health and what it is, I wish the reader success. And don’t forget to use the help from the above drinks.