5 great benefits of “lemon” to help excrete – reduce sore throat

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Think of a drink that refreshes the body. Many people may think of cold water. or may think of soft drinks But if you want to avoid high sugar You may think of sour ingredients like “lemon juice“. But there are also many benefits to the body as well.

Sanook Health has good information from Dr. Kritsada Sirampuch, Director of the International Center for Ayurvedic Medicine.

5 great benefits of "lemon" to help excrete - reduce sore throat

5 great benefits of ” lemon 

  1. lemon juice mixed with warm water Help excrete / drive waste out of the UFABET body.

drinking lemonade or warm water mixed with Nao Nao can help the body excrete excrete waste from the body by the proportion of warm water And fresh lemonade that should be drunk does not have a fixed formula. Depending on each person’s physical condition, for example, if you have a sore throat or abdominal pain from stomach ulcers Drinking concentrated fresh lemon juice can cause throat irritation. or stomach Therefore, it is worth trying to mix. and then taste it to see if it is a taste that we can sip and drink 

The right time to drink can choose to drink in the morning after waking up But for anyone who has acid reflux disease is a congenital disease. It should be drunk after breakfast. Or it could be any other time of the day, but be careful when drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water before going to bed. because if the amount of lemon juice is too concentrated Drinking on an empty stomach may result in stomach irritation. or can cause stomach pain

In addition, if in that meal Eating foods that already have lemon juice as an ingredient, such as eating yam, sour soup, tom yum, etc. That meal may refrain from drinking lemon juice first.

  1. honey lemonade Help reduce sore throat.

pure honey that is clean and safe without germs Will be effective against pathogens. Therefore, mixing together with lemon juice that contains anti-oxidants (Antioxidants) can help reduce inflammation. Therefore, you can drink lemon juice mixed with honey to reduce sore throat, pharyngitis, swelling, redness and heat that occur during the flu.

If we adjust the lemon honey recipe properly Will reduce irritation from the acid of lemon juice. Observe your own symptoms that if you sip and your throat hurts. Reduce the use of lemon juice.

3.Lemon juice relieves headaches.

There are some recipes that specify to mix coffee with lemon juice. or slice the lemon into to help reduce general headaches Including migraine headaches, but the caffeine in coffee may actually cause more headaches. So if you want to drink lemon water to reduce headache. should not be mixed with coffee If you drink coffee You can drink lemon juice afterwards.

4.Lemon juice helps get rid of colds faster.

in citrus fruits Contains vitamin C Lemons are also high in vitamin C. Which vitamins do not have the effect of preventing flu. But it helps cold symptoms disappear faster. Eating enough vitamin C every day It can help reduce the duration of flu. For example, from 14 days of flu per year to 10-12 days per year.

However, should not get more than 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Because it can cause health problems such as kidney stones, nausea and diarrhea.

  1. Lemon juice reduces the risk of various diseases caused by vitamin C deficiency.

Whether it is scurvy (bleeding from the gums), pale skin, wounds that are difficult to heal, fatigue and efficiency in the functioning of the immune system. Eating the right amount of lemons It can help reduce the risk of disease. and these symptoms as well

Caution when eating and using lemons

Sanook recommends that lemons are highly acidic. Drinking very concentrated fresh lemon juice May cause irritation to organs in the digestive system, such as the throat, esophagus, intestines, stomach, especially those with stomach ulcers May cause burning sensation.

In addition, drinking lemon juice Or bite the lemon flesh and eat it straight. Including eating foods that contain lemon, such as spicy salad, tom yum, etc. You should rinse your mouth or drink water. to reduce the concentration of lime on the enamel surface And should not brush your teeth immediately after eating lemon. Because it may risk teeth erosion.

For a fairly highly acidic lime use. If it is mixed with ingredients to nourish the skin. Should be used in small amounts. mix with other ingredients or dilute to reduce the concentration Lemon should not be applied to the skin. Or apply directly to the teeth for whitening. Because it may erode the tooth enamel. Including the skin may be irritated as well. And should not be used on areas with sensitive skin such as armpits, facial skin around the eyes. Crease layer of arms, legs, etc. If you do not know how much of the amount used is safe. You should avoid making various ingredients. From the lemon itself is better.