5 benefits of drinking water in the morning

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Drinking water is very important to the functioning of the body. because it helps deliver nutrients through cells lowering body temperature helps joints works very well 

On top of that, research has shown that drinking water in the morning regularly is very good for the body. iNN will introduce you to 5 benefits of drinking water in the UFABET morning. 

5 benefits of drinking water in the morning

5 benefits of drinking water in the morning 

  1. help lose weight

Let’s answer some questions about how drinking water in the morning can help you lose weight. Try drinking water before the main meal. A 2010 study showed that adults and the elderly lost more weight when they drank about 500ml of water before each meal over a 12-week period. 

This is because the results indicate that this weight loss is a result of a reduction in mealtime energy intake. (Eat less water when full) is also associated with a system known as thermogenesis (Thermogenesis) is the production of body heat. causing the burning of calories 

Another study from 2013 found that girls who drank water and nutritious food (Drink a lot of water but eat fried food. fat does not decrease) by drinking water before breakfast, lunch and dinner for 8 weeks, found that weight loss It could be said that water is a part of weight loss. Not drinking water and can lose weight at all, probably more correct. 

  1. Improved memory and mental health

The brain is 83% water, and even a slight dehydration affects our perception. Research has shown that water affects perception And it tends to affect our psyche as well. Although unclear, studies suggest that people who drink water throughout the day feel better in their mental health. In addition, dehydrated people have a negative effect on memory. and hyperactivity than usual So if you want to start with a good day should drink water since morning

  1. good mood

Drinking water in the morning can put you in a good mood. The results were simple. If you drink less water low amount of water in the body We will feel thirsty. I feel less concentrated, calm, less emotional, more easily broken. 

Dehydration negatively affects mood. If you want to be in a good mood, drink water early in the morning. Or if possible, drinking water throughout the day is best. 

4.good skin

The skin is approximately 30% water. The water in the skin helps our skin look healthy, plump, and flexible. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrated. Help prevent wrinkles. Should drink water since morning because do not forget that We have to face the sun and dust, adding moisture to the skin is like strengthening the skin’s armor early. 

  1. helps the body to be more ready

Drinking water early in the morning helps prepare the body more for daily activities. Remember that water is an essential component of the body and many organs need water. For example:

  • Kidneys  Drinking water helps the kidneys flush waste from the body.
  • cardiovascular system  Drinking the right amount of water helps the system to function fully. 
  • Joints work without jamming.  Water is an important component in the joints of the bones. Drinking water can help relieve joint pain. make parts Can work without jamming